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Drum Fills with Kicks

Updated: May 19, 2023

An easy way to make your fills sound more interesting is to put a few kick drum notes in them. Below are 7 examples of fills utilising the kick drum. The first 3 can be treated as practice patterns to get your fills sounding smoother whilst the last 4 are more specific drum fill ideas.

Don't forget you can download a PDF of this exercise by clicking the file at the bottom of this post (the quality will be a lot better).


  • Try to make the fills “flow”. Make sure that your kicks and notes played with the hands are played evenly and at a a similar volume.

  • If there are two kicks in a row then make sure you play them both the same volume. It’s easy to accidentally play the second kick louder.

Hope that helps!

Backbone Drum School - Fills with Kicks
Download PDF • 48KB


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