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Do you have a Working With Children Check?

Every teacher at Backbone Drum School has a valid Working With Children Check. We are all hypervigilant in ensuring that it is always up to date.

Do I need a drum kit to start lessons?

No, you don't need a drum kit straight away. While it is preferable that you or your child has a drum kit to practice on at home in order to help the material learnt in class; there are still other ways to effectively practice the drums without a kit. However, as you or your child grow as a drummer, your need for a drum kit and it's importance for practice will also grow as well.


Do you have any age restrictions?

The recommended age for starting drum lessons is typically around 6 -7 years old. With that being said however, we have personally taught students as young as 4, but only make this exception if the young student is genuinely dedicated and passionate about learning the drums and can focus during the 20 minute lessons. 

How long should my lesson go for and how many times per week?

This very much depends on your personal schedule and goals for drumming but usually a 30 minute lesson once a week, accompanied by regular practice at home is what we would recommend to start with. However, if you are enrolling a child aged 4-6 we would recommend x2 20 minute lessons per week.

Do I need to bring anything to the lesson?

If you are coming by for a free trial then then you don't need to worry; everything from equipment to learning material is supplied. If you are already drummer with Backbone then you are expected to bring your own drum sticks and any homework or prescribed learning material. 

Do you do group lessons?

We believe that individually tailored one on one lessons are the best way to learn any instrument and have found from previous experience working at different music schools that group lessons are just not as effective. With that being said, we do offer shared lessons which are strictly limited to two students only. This is so that lessons can still be individually tailored to the students' needs and allows them to still get the help and attention on the drumkit that they deserve. For more info on shared lessons please contact me.

I don't know what drum kit to get! Should I buy or rent?!

For any questions about purchasing drums and drum equipment please do not hesitate to contact Jack Nelson so he can provide you with tips and advice that is tailored to your specific goals and circumstances. We're always more than happy to help! :)

Do you do online drum lessons?

Yes we do! We conduct one on one drum lessons online through skype with multiple camera angles set up so you can clearly see everything we play and demonstrate. If you would like more information about individually tailored online drum lessons please contact our director.

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