One of my favourite ways to increase hand speed and dexterity is by practicing the 6-stroke roll. In my opinion it's one of the best sounding rudiments and is by far the most fun to play. The exercise I've provided below incorporates all four different variations of this rudiment into a 4 bar phrase.

6-Stroke Roll drum rudiment exercise

I strongly recommend moving this exercise around the kit once you've built up confidence with it. I think you'll find that it's a great exercise for creating unique sounding drum fills.

Hope that helps!


6 Stroke Roll Exercise
Download PDF • 30KB

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Updated: Jun 13

There are countless reasons for why your progress behind the kit may be stagnant at the moment. In this short post I will explain the biggest reason for this from my own personal experience; witnessing it first hand in my own practicing, and in some of my students.

Whiplash drummer frustrated with practicing


One of the biggest reasons you may have stopped progressing as a drummer is because what you think is "practice" is really just maintenance.

By maintenance, I mean you are just sharpening and *maintaining* what you already know how to play, so you don't forget how to play it and don't lose the muscle memory for how to physically play it.

Where as practice on the other hand, is the slow and painful process of figuring out and developing something completely new to your playing.

As a general rule of thumb (not to be taken too literally):

If it sounds good, it's maintenance. If it sounds absolutely terrible, it's practice.

Hope that helps!


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Updated: Jun 13

One of the best ways to improve your parts behind the kit is through repetition. I know this may seem like a really lame answer but hear me out:

Many drummers think that once they've memorized a certain part that they'd like to implement into their playing, they're done; they've reached the finish line. What they don't realise however, is that it's not good enough to just know your parts. You need to internalize them. You have to be so incredibly comfortable and familiar with that part in different placements and contexts that when it comes time to use it; it naturally flows through your playing.

Bruce Lee holding Vic Firth Drum Sticks

Not only will internalizing your drum chops give you more confidence in your abilities behind the kit, it will make you sound so much cleaner and smoother in its execution and won't just sound like you've tried to shove a quick fill you learnt off a YouTube video into your playing.

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to get in touch either by commenting, emailing or messaging me on instagram: @backbonedrumschool

Thanks for reading and I sincerely hope it helps :)

- Jack

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