Jack Nelson playing drums with Perth band Scream Mountain

Music has been an important part of my life from a very young age. I started piano lessons and music theory education when I was just 3 years old and have been constantly involved in music ever since. I also have experience playing other instruments such as the saxophone and guitar and have been playing the drums since 2011.

Growing up, some of my biggest influences and role models in life were my music teachers; Jose Tabios, Lex Von L. Sumayo, and Gordon Jansen. They showed me first hand the incredible difference that a good teacher can have on your life, and were the inspiration for me to become a drum teacher.

Thanks to them I've made it my goal in life to have the same positive impact on the lives of others, as they had on mine. Not only as a teacher, but also as a mentor and role model.

Jack Nelson playing drums at Indian Ocean Hotel in Perth

Music is undoubtedly my greatest passion in life, as well as a creative outlet. Through music, I’ve learned to express my creativity in countless different ways and have learned discipline and the importance of hard work. I’ve learned to apply these skills to all aspects of my life including my university studies, my own personal growth and development, my bands and my drum lessons. These skills have also taught me a strong work ethic and have provided me with a very positive and determined mindset which I apply to everything I undertake.


Jack Nelson playing drums with hardcore band Closed Off in Perth

I won't just teach you or your child how to be an outstanding drummer and musician. I'll ensure that you have the tools and systems in place to harness your own unique style and creativity behind the drum kit. 

As a young drummer, I can relate well to both children and adults. Lessons will be fun and engaging. You’ll find drumming and learning music theory enjoyable and fulfilling as you develop your skills, and grow as a musician.

I’ve been teaching drumming for children for about seven years with the following schools that include the following:
• Lanzon Music

• Joondalup School of Music

• Making Mini Music
• Jumeriah Music Center Perth