Are you or your child interested in learning to play the drums? Then have a look around my site to see what I offer.

You’ll find a home-based music school, which allows for high quality drum lessons at affordable rates. I work with beginners and intermediate students of all ages.

I keep lessons fun and engaging; students will learn everything they need to know to play the drums. Lessons include drum techniques, practical information and music theory (learning to read and write music).

As you learn, you’ll find lessons are fun--you’ll never have a boring moment while learning to master the drums.

I have taught students as young as 4, fathers and sons and students in their 60s. As long as you can reach the pedals you're never too young or too old to learn. 

Located across from Chisholm Catholic College, this home based music school allows for high quality drum tuition at affordable rates. 


112 Lawrence Street 

Bedford WA 6052


Jack Nelson

0466 422 785